Nutritional tips for a better metabolism

An increased metabolism means that your body burns many more calories. So if you have a high metabolism, you burn calories yourself when you are almost out of exercise. Poor metabolism can lead to weight gain because you get more calories than you burn.

The first thing you have to do is add a breakfast to your daily diet, many people do not like to eat breakfast but it gives a good move towards good metabolism. You only need a 250-calorie snack to help your metabolism rise in the morning. It is best to take a cereal bar or toast and fruit.

Add herbs to the food

Another way to give your metabolism a move is to add herbs to your food. After an investigation of the Agriculural Research Service in America, cinnamon has been shown to help metabolism the most.

If you are planning a diet, it is wise to add fruit such as kiwi fruit to the diet. Kiwi contain a lot of vitamin C. If you ingest about 500 mg of vitamin C you also burn 39% more fat when you exercise. But do not use too much vitamin c because if you have eaten more than 2000 mg then diarrhea can occur.

Watch what you drink

Another way to give your metabolism a move is to pay attention to what you drink. For example, if you add ice to your drink, your body needs to work harder and burn more calories. Drinking alcohol with caffeine can also cause your heart rate to increase, causing your body to burn more calories and thus increase your metabolism.

When you eat can also be very important. If you make breakfast in the morning and eat, then sit in the sun, the bright light of the sun increases your metabolism and helps strengthen your bones and muscles.

You can also take Multi-Vitamin tablets every day to ensure that your body burns more calories. If you take 120 mg daily, this will greatly increase your metabolism. Chromium in tomato and Multi vitamin tablets can also cause your burn to increase.

Smaller portions

If you really want to increase your metabolism a lot, it is wise to divide your meals into smaller portions so that you eat more often during the day. Every time you eat something it increases your metabolism. It clicks very strange but if you eat more often, jet can lead to weight loss or a healthy weight.

If your body does not get all the necessary nutrients, look for natural products that contain the substances that you are missing and add them to the meals.

Well-known benefits of exercise

Well-known benefits of exercise

Exercise can prevent extra weight or help maintain your ideal weight. When you undertake physical activities you burn calories. The more intense the activities, the more calories are consumed. You do not have to take hours of exercise to see the benefits of weight loss.

Reduce the risk of cancer

Several studies confirm that people who are regularly active have a much lower risk of developing lung, colon and breast cancer. Hormones are chemical messengers that are transported by our bodies through the blood. They help tell our bodies and cells what to do. By being active, the levels of some hormones change, including estrogen and insulin, make the body function optimally

Reduce the risk of heart disease

If we are active, high density lipoprotein (HDL) or “good” cholesterol is increased and unhealthy triglycerides decrease. This allows the blood to flow easily, which reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Regular physical activity can help prevent or manage a range of health problems and issues, including stroke, metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes.

Increase energy

Regular physical activity can improve your muscle strength and boost your endurance. Exercise and physical activity supplies oxygen and nutrients to the tissues, and helps the cardiovascular system to function more efficiently. And if your heart and lungs work more efficiently, you have more energy to handle your daily tasks.

Less known benefits of exercise:

A better nightmare

It is proven that regular physical activity helps you to sleep longer and deeper. However, be careful not to late in the evening as it will make you feel too energetic to sleep.

Improve your sex life

Studies found that just 20 minutes of regular daily exercise can improve women’s sexual response. As you exercise, you will not only feel energetic but also more desirable. By practicing with your loved one, you spend more time together and adrenaline and other good-feeling hormones are secreted that will bring you to the right mood.

Better metabolism

The Gastroenterological Association of Australia has found that exercise helps the intestinal muscles to digest food and move correctly through the digestive system by strengthening the abdominal muscles that restrict tear digestion. Even short, alternate walking exercises throughout the day can help keep you regular.

Improve mental performance and productivity at work

Exercise is important to improve our overall quality of life, especially as regards our work. If you are fit, you will feel more confident, including in the workplace, and it helps you to show leadership and perform better. It can also increase your overall productivity and focus.

Provide a more beautiful skin

Exercise improves blood flow to the skin. Studies have shown that exercise can help reduce acne by controlling the production of testosterone hormones such as DHEA and DHT that cause acne. When you sweat, the skin’s pores are also opened and skin rashes are cleared, which cleans the skin from toxic substances such as oils and dirt.

What actually matters is that you need to stay active even if it’s only for a few minutes each day. Whether you like to practice in the gym, take part in sports, walk or just dance on your own, just keep moving!

Gynecomastia treatment in boys and men with surgery

Gynecomastia treatment in boys and men with surgery

Gynecomastia is swelling of the breast tissue or breast enlargement in boys or men, which is caused by too high estrogen production. A man also produces the female sex hormone estrogen, but only in a small amount. Too high estrogen production can lead to breast enlargement, usually on both sides but it can also occur on one side. says that a newborns, adolescents and older men may develop gynecomastia as a result of normal changes in hormone levels, although other causes may also lead to breast enlargement. Gynecomastia is not usually a serious problem, but the presence of too much mammary gland and / or adipose tissue is a disturbing problem for many men in which shame comes around the corner. Gynecomastia can disappear spontaneously. If it persists,

Big breasts in men or boys: causes

Gynecomastia can occur in all kinds of situations where the balance between estrogenic and androgenic activity is disturbed. In babies this phenomenon occurs when the fetus in the womb has been exposed to estrogen of the mother. A large proportion of the boys in puberty experience development of mammary gland tissue for some time as a result of increased estrogen levels. This is a normal situation that disappears automatically after a few months to a year.

In adult men it mainly occurs as a result of overweight or alcohol abuse. A number of drugs that influence the level of female sex hormones can also lead to gynecomastia. For example, hormonal therapy in prostate cancer gynaecomastia by blockade of the androgen receptor, resulting in an increase in LH-, estrogen- and testosterone concentrations via negative feedback mechanisms.¹ Furthermore, different disorders can lead to gynaecomastia because it affects the normal hormone balance. Examples of these conditions are:

Some tumors involving the testes, adrenal glands or the pituitary gland;
Too fast thyroid gland, hyperthyroidism ;
Kidney failure ;
Liver disorders .

Gynecomastia symptoms

Symptoms that can occur include:
Swollen mammary gland tissue on one or both sides;
Sensitive breast (s);
Solid or rubbery lump in the subcutaneous tissue, which is tangible under the nipple;
Separation from the nipple.

With the above symptoms, you should always contact your doctor to rule out breast cancer .

Gynecomastia treatment

Most cases of gynecomastia disappears over time without treatment. However, if gynecomastia is caused by an underlying condition, treatment will follow. If it is related to medication use, you can discuss with your doctor whether you can switch to a different medication. Never stop using medicines on your own.

However, if no indications are found that indicate one of the above conditions or a medicinal cause, the general practitioner will be satisfied with reassurance and possible monitoring after three to six months. In more than 90% of the boys gynecomastia disappears spontaneously within two years. If the deviation lasts longer than two years, further investigation or referral to a specialist can be carried out if necessary.

No spontaneous regression occurs in old age. Physiological gynecomastia can in that case be treated medically. Surgical therapy can also offer a solution: there are all sorts of treatment techniques to treat the presence of too much mammary gland and / or adipose tissue.

How do I care for my beard?

We are now one week further since the first article about the beard called ” How to let a full beard grow .” At the very least, there must have been a small downy beard in the meantime and for the lucky ones among us there is already a pretty full beard grown . This item is all about beard care

Trim your beard

If you really want a long beard then you will have to wait a while, but sometimes it can look very sloppy and then it is important to start trimming your beard.

For this it is best to use a trimmer with attachments. When you first start trimming your beard, do it slowly and carefully, because it may be better to take a little longer to trim well than to have to wait again before everything has grown again.

Start by trimming the side of your face. Choose a large attachment and work slowly upwards from the jaw line. When you could possibly finish more, you put a smaller attachment on the beard trimmer. In this way the result is better and there is less chance of errors.

For the rest of your beard, it is best to use a comb, scissors and your fingers. Comb well through the (long) beard and use your fingers to determine the length and then cut to the desired length. You can do this with a hair trimmer, but once a wrong movement and the beard is messed up. Repeat this process a few times, if necessary, until you reach the desired length.

Finally, the mustache must not be forgotten. With the beard trimmer and a large attachment it is useful to first update the mustache a bit and then it is easier to finish with scissors and a comb.


For a fairly stylized beard, you can choose not to leave the beard near your neck too long. As a result, the beard often looks a bit more caring than if you let your beard grow for a long time.

Beard care

A well-trimmed beard is step 1, but good beard care is just as important. Dirt can get stuck in a long beard, but even a windy day or a day at the pool can make the beard appear dull and dry.

There are actually two types of products for the beard. Products to clean the beard and there are products to style the beard. Style? Yes, if you have a reasonably long beard you can model your beard with special products. Also maintain a healthy diet as vitamins for beard growth are very important.

Beard care products

This category of products is mainly intended to keep the beard clean and cleaned. You do not want to have any dirt in your beard or your beard does not smell good. The Billy Jealousy Beard Wash is actually a kind of shampoo for beards. A better-known product is perhaps beard oil . The beard oil from Damn Good Soap ensures that the beard and skin do not dry out. It also smells very fresh as if you are walking in a forest.

After you have ensured that your beard is clean and fresh, you can even go one step further: to style the beard. To give your mustache a curl with, for example, a mustache wax is somewhat familiar, but you can also model the entire beard with special products. This ensures that the beard looks less smudgy. With these products, you make sure your beard looks tight & tough in Movember and long after. So beard care is more than just cleaning. The eye wants something too!


So beard care is a combination of trimming and using the right products. It is just like with a nice haircut, it must first be well cut before the products give the best result. And do you have enough of your beard and do you want to get rid of it? Take a look at our blog about more tips of beard care!

What Happens In The Body When Smoking

Smoking is bad enough to avoid anyone – but what happens in the body when you smoke? Which organs are affected and what negative effects do smoking on your body have?

We have studied the negative effects of smoking on the human body in order to get a better understanding of exactly what happens when you inhale tobacco smoke.

How does smoking affect the body

For simplicity, we have gone from top to toe to describe the effects of the different organs and body functions on smoking. We start with our head and face and end with our feet.

The Brain

The chemicals you smoke go to the brain and the nicotine reaches the brain 10-15 seconds after you inhale the smoke. Once in the brain, the nicotine affects a lot of functions for more than 40-50 minutes after the smoke. Among other things, the nicotine affects the part of the brain that controls our mood.

Smokers tend to be happier and more relaxed for a short while after they have smoked. But when the brain does not get nicotine enough often, the withdrawal will kick off and the effect will instead be the opposite. You get anxious, light irritated, tired and sometimes angry.

Smoking blocks the arteries in the brain, which limits or closes blood supply. That is when stroke occurs. A smoker has just over one and a half more chance of getting stroke than a non-smoker.


Face and Skin

Smoking causes blood vessels to contract, which causes the skin to get blood and oxygen in sufficiently large amounts or sufficiently efficiently. As a result, smokers sometimes have a grayish face color and are easier to have wrinkles than non-smokers.

When you smoke, you get the smoke on your face and on your lips. You dry out your lips and face, while a lot of chemicals end up in your pores and in your system. Your skin ages faster, you get wrinkles and your skin becomes smoother. Poor skin is seen as a common side effect of smoking.

Increased risk of: cataracts, wrinkles and pimples
Mouth and teeth

Smoking causes yellow teeth due to the tar and nicotine in the cigarettes. The smoke itself dries out the mouth and mucous membranes, but also the chemicals destroy the gum and increase the risk of dental loss.


In the throat we have hairs that protect against infections and diseases. These hairs are destroyed when you smoke, which increases the risk of inflammation and disease. Dirt and bacteria therefore get easier and harm your body.


The lungs are severely damaged by smoking. Acids are needed for the brain and the heart to work. Smoking reduces the absorption of oxygen, which makes the body less efficiently absorb and deliver oxygen to the body’s entire body.


It may sound strange, but cigarette smoking affects the stomach to the highest extent. Above all gastric cataracts and stomach ulcers may come as a result of smoking. If you have stomach ulcers or gastric ulcer, it is highly recommended to quit smoking for faster healing.

Hands and Nails

Blood circulation deteriorates when you smoke and one of the symptoms is that your hands get cold and steal. Eczema can be a side effect of smoking as well. It is common for smokers to get yellow nails.

Please read our article on how to get better hair and nails visit – website

Symptoms Of Stress – Which You Should Not Ignore

Read about the five most common symptoms of stress that you should keep in mind!

A little stress can still be done, but if that stupendous life always feels stressed, you’re dangerous. We have compiled five pronounced symptoms of stress, which are important to know and pay attention to.


Stress affects your personality

If you are stressed, the body’s production of adrenaline increases, and it makes you more excited. The cortisol level also rises and leads to a general sense of unhappiness and dislike. Overall, it can make you both light-irritated and restless, and you get memories and

Stress affects your weight

If you are stressed you will be more tired of fat, sugar and salt. This can in turn lead to a weight gain that is most pronounced in power.

Stress causes headache

Persistent headache is a common symptom of stress. It can either be due to high blood pressure or muscle tension in the shoulders and neck.

Stress causes anorexia

A longer period of stress can cause problems with stomach and digestion. The intestines may become irritated and contract into cramps, or you may get severe diarrhea.

Stress gives Sleep Problems

Stress often appears in the form of sleep problems. For example, you may have difficulty falling asleep, waking up during the night and not falling asleep or waking up in the morning and feeling far from restless.

All of these symptoms can also be signs of other diseases, and it is therefore advisable to consult a doctor if you experience any of the above symptoms.

6 Tips For Exercising In The Cold

Unfortunately, we see that many people stay inside because of the cold or only go to the gym. But avoiding the outside air is a missed opportunity! Outdoor sports are super healthy for perfect body curves. To help you on your way, I give you 6 handy tips for perfect figure that you ever desired.

Dress well

Actually an open door, but still you see that many people are not dressed correctly. Dress with layers and choose a good thermal shirt that keeps your body warm.

Do you have cold feet quickly? Then opt for thicker sports socks. Make sure you get the right one, for example at a running shop. This so that you do not end up with a few nasty blisters so you can not train for a week.

Warm-up is important

If you do outdoor bootcamp or running training, we really recommend you to do a good warm-up first. Your muscles are less warm due to the cold outside air. This makes the need for a good warm-up even more important than in the gym. You can read how to do a good warm-up in this extensive article.

Drink enough

Often I see that athletes in the winter months are less aware of a possible fluid deficiency. And this is a shame, because sometimes this is at the expense of your sports performance. In the winter months you also sweat during exercise, and sometimes just as much as in the warmer months by good insulating clothing. This moisture shortage must therefore also be supplemented during and after exercise. How you do this in a sensible way, you read in this extensive article about moisture .

Take lights with you

This tip is known to many athletes, but still few outdoor athletes are sufficiently visible – with irritations or accidents as a result. As a runner, you are just as much a participant in traffic as cyclists and cars. Take a light with you so that the other participants see you well.

Do you play in a park with bootcamp? Then take a headlight with you so that you do not accidentally dive with your hands in the dog litter during that last burpee ??

Breathe through your nose as much as possible

The cold outside air can be an attack on your lungs. You probably recognize the burning or strange feeling if you have just done a very heavy effort. The cold dry outside air is clearly different than in rainy weather. This is mainly because you breathe through your mouth and because of this the cold air is less filtered. If you breathe through your nose the air is filtered more and it has more time to be warmed up.

Here are two things to do:

  • Make sure you warm your throat well with a scarf or a good thermal shirt covering your throat.
  • Breathe where it can through your nose. Build up your training so that you, as a novice athlete, do not get out of breath too quickly, making it more difficult to breathe through your nose.

Shoes with sufficient grip

In the winter months it can be unexpectedly slippery. So choose shoes with sufficient grip. I often see athletes slipping in the park. This is dangerous for your ankles and self-confidence. Select your shoes not only on the looks, fit and comfort, but also look critically at the grip if you train in the winter months. You do not want to be the one who is constantly on the record during boot camp training.

Fiber Rich Diet – The Secret To Weight Loss

Consuming foods that are high in fiber promotes weight-loss. Why diet plan rich in fiber the recognition of exactly what it has and the secret earned?

On the one hand, vegetable food – a source of dietary fiber, in addition to the low-fat and consists of vitamins and minerals. On the other hand, dietary fiber plays a crucial function in the guideline of hunger and weight-loss, and also improves the permeability of digestive tract tissue.

With regard to hunger, stomach tissue increases in volume and thus the sensation of satiety. It slows the absorption of sugar in the blood, increasing the risk of bulimia and weight gain.

In addition to decreasing the level of fat absorption: cellulose and fats are blended in the food taken at the same time, which facilitates their elimination.

There are two kinds of fibers. Soluble dietary fibers blended with water are gelled (apples, strawberries). Such fibers are abundant in pectin. In addition to soluble dietary fiber in the bran, cereals, vegetables, fruit.

Big quantity of fiber in legumes (lentils, beans, soybeans, chickpeas), grains (buckwheat, rice, rye, barley, Wheat), dried fruit (figs, apricots, prunes, figs) and oil-bearing plants (walnuts, hazelnuts, olives, almonds).

With a high-fiber diet, in any case not left out from the diet plan of meat, starch, some fats.

Requirement menu of this diet

Breakfast: porridge of breakfast cereals with milk without sugar
Lunch: tossed salad, dressed with vinegar, oil and salt; chicken with endive, olive oil and lemon juice; yogurt and a piece of wholemeal bread.
Dinner: an apple
Dinner: Fillet of tongue to taste with prunes; serving cheese and a piece of wholemeal bread.
At night: a fruit.

From time to time the porridge of cereals can be changed with 3 cottage cheese and slices of wholemeal bread. Rather of chicken and fish can be taken with a low-fat food meat sauce of your option.

If you are not used to food abundant in fiber, enter them in your diet gradually. This is how you can avoid diarrhea. Diarrhea – a known nuisance and bloating Feeling puffed up – when you burst inside. For the very same factors, it needs to not be a long period of time to adhere to this diet plan.

If you do not have issues with obese, and you just want to adjust the permeability of the gut, contribute to your everyday diet plan the following items: wholemeal bread, fruit for dessert, raw veggies, yogurt, green veggies. When baking pastries, you can blend wholemeal flour with the normal uses.

It is required to make clear that the item contains the label “abundant in fiber” usually 6 grams of dietary fiber per 100 g or 3 g of fiber per 100 kcal.

For the most parts, nutrition specialists do not meet the so-called “diet rich in fiber” for people who want to drop weight because you can not follow it for a long time. In any case, an individual returns to crave their old food. The body, which is restricted in calories, begins to make losses. This – an increase in weight. This process is called the yo-yo result (weight loss – weight gain).

From the perspective of dietitians, when obese is suggested to evaluate their consuming practices while avoiding extreme diet plans. Losing 10% of the initial weight is considered a great outcome by nutritional experts, and helps to prevent the risk of illness from being overweight.

Best Muscle Exercises To Lose Weight

With a brand-new year there are good objectives! These 9 exercises are suitable for doing sports once again and dealing with your line.

Every new year we have new strategies and intentions! Discover 9 workouts to drop weight and lose the extra pounds of the New Year’s Eve celebrations.

You do not have to cut hours in the health club to get a strong muscular figure. This is a choice of the best exercises to drop weight, which you can quickly do in your home, without gadgets. Integrate them and perform them two or 3 times a week – in a sports outfit or in your pajamas, in the morning before you take a shower! Are you on your period? Absolutely nothing avoids you from implementing your good intents: with Always sanitary towels, you stay entirely at ease during the training.

1. The squat is the best body sculpt

This exercise is outstanding for weight loss and provides muscular buttocks, legs, stomach and back.

Stand upright with a straight back and spread your feet at the height of your shoulders. Bend your knees, but ensure they never ever get past your toes, and lower your bottom as if you were taking a seat. Your body weight should always rest on your heels. As quickly as your thighs are parallel to the ground, you slowly raise yourself again. Repeat this movement in 3 sets of 20.

Do you have pain in the back? Then put your hands behind your head to guarantee that your back stays straight.

2. The board for weight reduction and much better body posture

The board is the perfect slim-making muscle workout to take on all your stomach muscles, but likewise to strengthen your arms!

Begin this exercise as you would begin push-ups, with your hands under your shoulders. Raise your weight off the ground by supporting your toes and tighten your abs and buttocks, your body forming a straight line. Try to retract your stomach button and ensure that your back is fully stretched directly. Keep this position complete for 20 seconds and slowly longer.

3. Dips strengthen your arm muscles

Put your hands on the edge of a chair or sofa behind you, your legs in front of you. Lower your body to the flooring (make sure not to obstruct your elbows) and lift yourself with the strength of your arms. Do this workout in 3 series of 10, with a pause in between each series.

4. The crunch for strong stomach muscles

Lie on your back, with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Lift your upper body to a sitting position. Put your hands on your temples and look straight in front of you to not harm your neck vertebrae. Do three sets of 10.

5. Lunges for firm stomach muscles, back and thighs

Stand well upright with your shoulders back and raised chin. Stretch your abs and location one leg in a big action in front of you, the other leg remains behind you. Bend your knees until they form an angle of 90 degrees: one knee to the flooring, the other knee in front of you, just at an ideal angle. Make certain you keep your weight on your heels when you come straight up once again and alternate with the other leg.

Repeat this workout 10 times on each leg and continue with 2 sets of 10, each with a time out between each sequence of 10.

6. Pumps: the basis of house sports

Stretch yourself with your toes or knees on the flooring and your hands just under your shoulders. Bend your elbows along your chest and lower your body up until your chest nearly touches the flooring. Your arms need to form an angle of 45 °. Continue to breathe and persevere in this posture for a minute before you reprimand yourself. Do three sets of 10.

7. The sideways shelf: reducing weight with the training of your oblique stomach muscles

This version of the board is likewise an exceptional workout to slim down because this effort stimulates the internal, oblique stomach muscles.

Lie on your side, one leg on the other. Lift your trunk off the ground by supporting your elbow and forearm: your arm is in an ideal angle in front of you, your elbow right under your shoulder. You can make this exercise even more tough by extending the other arm at a best angle above your head. Keep your butt tight and your body from your feet up until your head is perfectly aligned when you make the effort. Aim to keep it on for 20 seconds on each side and after that slowly increase as you progress in your training program.

8. The bridge

With this workout you can strengthen your buttocks muscles, your stomach muscles, however also work on your back muscles. Lie on your back, your hands along your body, your knees bent and your feet expanded on the floor at the height of your shoulders. Push your hips upwards by pushing your heels strongly into the ground. Tighten your stomach and butts and to form a high bridge. Gradually boil down again.

You can make the workout a bit more difficult by raising a leg together with the rest of your body: repeat 10 times with each leg, and this sequence three times.

9. Cross lunge: reduce weight, however with firm butts!

You stand upright and position your left leg behind you so that your thighs converge – as if you are making a reverence. Keep the knee of your best leg on one vertical line with your ideal foot and go through both knees till they nearly touch the ground. Return to the starting position and do the workout with your best leg back now. Repeat ten times on each side, time out, and repeat the entire series twice.

Healthy Dieting Starts With Ecological Kitchen

It is a good idea to be environmentally mindful and to change some practices in the kitchen … Welcome to the age of ecological cuisine!

The eco kitchen begins with eco shopping

Those who wish to prepare in an ecologically mindful manner usage ecological products. Organic seasonal vegetables are not just more delicious, they are likewise filled with vitamins. Pay attention to the origin and prevent fruit and vegetables from far-off places. Also, choose items in naturally degradable packaging and utilize a real shopping bag rather of plastic bags.

Prevent Waste

In the ecological waste, you focus on reducing kitchen wastes! Constantly prepare the correct amount: you never have to throw away food and prevent waste. You can possibly recycle your food waste (veggie peelings, egg cups, loose tea …) by composting it and fertilizing your home-grown veggies and your own herb garden. The benefit is that your vegetables and herbs will grow much faster. And exactly what is more ecological than preparing the veggies from your very own vegetable garden?

The lid on the pan

Ecological cooking, that is also utilizing as little energy as possible. So always put the lid on the pan. This also speeds up the cooking process, however, you must naturally use the proper lid. Stay energy-conscious by placing little pans over a small fire, and big pans over a big fire.

The ecological kitchen … in the refrigerator!

The fridge is an energy eater. Keeping food cool with regard to the environment implies that you constantly close the door of the refrigerator. If you need to buy a new one, invest more loan in an A++ refrigerator that takes in much less energy. This also uses the freezer.

Are you made with food and leftovers remaining? Let them cool down prior to you put them in the fridge: that is more ecological sense because the fridge then needs to work less tough, it also needs less energy.

Leave the oven closed!

If you can avoid opening the oven door to see if your meal is ready, leave it closed. Otherwise, you are already squandering energy. Check your oven regularly for wear on the seal.

Do not change dishwashing machine frequently

Using a dishwasher is far more ecological than doing the dishes by hand, due to the fact that it uses less water … provided you only switch on the device when it is completely full! If possible, likewise give preference to much shorter cycles. And if you do not have a dishwasher, do the dishes with a good hand dishwashing liquid.