Unfortunately, we see that many people stay inside because of the cold or only go to the gym. But avoiding the outside air is a missed opportunity! Outdoor sports are super healthy for perfect body curves. To help you on your way, I give you 6 handy tips for perfect figure that you ever desired.

Dress well

Actually an open door, but still you see that many people are not dressed correctly. Dress with layers and choose a good thermal shirt that keeps your body warm.

Do you have cold feet quickly? Then opt for thicker sports socks. Make sure you get the right one, for example at a running shop. This so that you do not end up with a few nasty blisters so you can not train for a week.

Warm-up is important

If you do outdoor bootcamp or running training, we really recommend you to do a good warm-up first. Your muscles are less warm due to the cold outside air. This makes the need for a good warm-up even more important than in the gym. You can read how to do a good warm-up in this extensive article.

Drink enough

Often I see that athletes in the winter months are less aware of a possible fluid deficiency. And this is a shame, because sometimes this is at the expense of your sports performance. In the winter months you also sweat during exercise, and sometimes just as much as in the warmer months by good insulating clothing. This moisture shortage must therefore also be supplemented during and after exercise. How you do this in a sensible way, you read in this extensive article about moisture .

Take lights with you

This tip is known to many athletes, but still few outdoor athletes are sufficiently visible – with irritations or accidents as a result. As a runner, you are just as much a participant in traffic as cyclists and cars. Take a light with you so that the other participants see you well.

Do you play in a park with bootcamp? Then take a headlight with you so that you do not accidentally dive with your hands in the dog litter during that last burpee ??

Breathe through your nose as much as possible

The cold outside air can be an attack on your lungs. You probably recognize the burning or strange feeling if you have just done a very heavy effort. The cold dry outside air is clearly different than in rainy weather. This is mainly because you breathe through your mouth and because of this the cold air is less filtered. If you breathe through your nose the air is filtered more and it has more time to be warmed up.

Here are two things to do:

  • Make sure you warm your throat well with a scarf or a good thermal shirt covering your throat.
  • Breathe where it can through your nose. Build up your training so that you, as a novice athlete, do not get out of breath too quickly, making it more difficult to breathe through your nose.

Shoes with sufficient grip

In the winter months it can be unexpectedly slippery. So choose shoes with sufficient grip. I often see athletes slipping in the park. This is dangerous for your ankles and self-confidence. Select your shoes not only on the looks, fit and comfort, but also look critically at the grip if you train in the winter months. You do not want to be the one who is constantly on the record during boot camp training.