Consuming foods that are high in fiber promotes weight-loss. Why diet plan rich in fiber the recognition of exactly what it has and the secret earned?

On the one hand, vegetable food – a source of dietary fiber, in addition to the low-fat and consists of vitamins and minerals. On the other hand, dietary fiber plays a crucial function in the guideline of hunger and weight-loss, and also improves the permeability of digestive tract tissue.

With regard to hunger, stomach tissue increases in volume and thus the sensation of satiety. It slows the absorption of sugar in the blood, increasing the risk of bulimia and weight gain.

In addition to decreasing the level of fat absorption: cellulose and fats are blended in the food taken at the same time, which facilitates their elimination.

There are two kinds of fibers. Soluble dietary fibers blended with water are gelled (apples, strawberries). Such fibers are abundant in pectin. In addition to soluble dietary fiber in the bran, cereals, vegetables, fruit.

Big quantity of fiber in legumes (lentils, beans, soybeans, chickpeas), grains (buckwheat, rice, rye, barley, Wheat), dried fruit (figs, apricots, prunes, figs) and oil-bearing plants (walnuts, hazelnuts, olives, almonds).

With a high-fiber diet, in any case not left out from the diet plan of meat, starch, some fats.

Requirement menu of this diet

Breakfast: porridge of breakfast cereals with milk without sugar
Lunch: tossed salad, dressed with vinegar, oil and salt; chicken with endive, olive oil and lemon juice; yogurt and a piece of wholemeal bread.
Dinner: an apple
Dinner: Fillet of tongue to taste with prunes; serving cheese and a piece of wholemeal bread.
At night: a fruit.

From time to time the porridge of cereals can be changed with 3 cottage cheese and slices of wholemeal bread. Rather of chicken and fish can be taken with a low-fat food meat sauce of your option.

If you are not used to food abundant in fiber, enter them in your diet gradually. This is how you can avoid diarrhea. Diarrhea – a known nuisance and bloating Feeling puffed up – when you burst inside. For the very same factors, it needs to not be a long period of time to adhere to this diet plan.

If you do not have issues with obese, and you just want to adjust the permeability of the gut, contribute to your everyday diet plan the following items: wholemeal bread, fruit for dessert, raw veggies, yogurt, green veggies. When baking pastries, you can blend wholemeal flour with the normal uses.

It is required to make clear that the item contains the label “abundant in fiber” usually 6 grams of dietary fiber per 100 g or 3 g of fiber per 100 kcal.

For the most parts, nutrition specialists do not meet the so-called “diet rich in fiber” for people who want to drop weight because you can not follow it for a long time. In any case, an individual returns to crave their old food. The body, which is restricted in calories, begins to make losses. This – an increase in weight. This process is called the yo-yo result (weight loss – weight gain).

From the perspective of dietitians, when obese is suggested to evaluate their consuming practices while avoiding extreme diet plans. Losing 10% of the initial weight is considered a great outcome by nutritional experts, and helps to prevent the risk of illness from being overweight.