It is a good idea to be environmentally mindful and to change some practices in the kitchen … Welcome to the age of ecological cuisine!

The eco kitchen begins with eco shopping

Those who wish to prepare in an ecologically mindful manner usage ecological products. Organic seasonal vegetables are not just more delicious, they are likewise filled with vitamins. Pay attention to the origin and prevent fruit and vegetables from far-off places. Also, choose items in naturally degradable packaging and utilize a real shopping bag rather of plastic bags.

Prevent Waste

In the ecological waste, you focus on reducing kitchen wastes! Constantly prepare the correct amount: you never have to throw away food and prevent waste. You can possibly recycle your food waste (veggie peelings, egg cups, loose tea …) by composting it and fertilizing your home-grown veggies and your own herb garden. The benefit is that your vegetables and herbs will grow much faster. And exactly what is more ecological than preparing the veggies from your very own vegetable garden?

The lid on the pan

Ecological cooking, that is also utilizing as little energy as possible. So always put the lid on the pan. This also speeds up the cooking process, however, you must naturally use the proper lid. Stay energy-conscious by placing little pans over a small fire, and big pans over a big fire.

The ecological kitchen … in the refrigerator!

The fridge is an energy eater. Keeping food cool with regard to the environment implies that you constantly close the door of the refrigerator. If you need to buy a new one, invest more loan in an A++ refrigerator that takes in much less energy. This also uses the freezer.

Are you made with food and leftovers remaining? Let them cool down prior to you put them in the fridge: that is more ecological sense because the fridge then needs to work less tough, it also needs less energy.

Leave the oven closed!

If you can avoid opening the oven door to see if your meal is ready, leave it closed. Otherwise, you are already squandering energy. Check your oven regularly for wear on the seal.

Do not change dishwashing machine frequently

Using a dishwasher is far more ecological than doing the dishes by hand, due to the fact that it uses less water … provided you only switch on the device when it is completely full! If possible, likewise give preference to much shorter cycles. And if you do not have a dishwasher, do the dishes with a good hand dishwashing liquid.

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