We are now one week further since the first article about the beard called ” How to let a full beard grow .” At the very least, there must have been a small downy beard in the meantime and for the lucky ones among us there is already a pretty full beard grown . Continue Reading more

Trim your beard

If you really want a long beard then you will have to wait a while, but sometimes it can look very sloppy and then it is important to start trimming your beard.

For this it is best to use a trimmer with attachments. When you first start trimming your beard, do it slowly and carefully, because it may be better to take a little longer to trim well than to have to wait again before everything has grown again.

Start by trimming the side of your face. Choose a large attachment and work slowly upwards from the jaw line. When you could possibly finish more, you put a smaller attachment on the beard trimmer. In this way the result is better and there is less chance of errors.

For the rest of your beard, it is best to use a comb, scissors and your fingers. Comb well through the (long) beard and use your fingers to determine the length and then cut to the desired length. You can do this with a hair trimmer, but once a wrong movement and the beard is messed up. Repeat this process a few times, if necessary, until you reach the desired length.

Finally, the mustache must not be forgotten. With the beard trimmer and a large attachment it is useful to first update the mustache a bit and then it is easier to finish with scissors and a comb.


For a fairly stylized beard, you can choose not to leave the beard near your neck too long. As a result, the beard often looks a bit more caring than if you let your beard grow for a long time.

Beard care

A well-trimmed beard is step 1, but good beard care is just as important. Dirt can get stuck in a long beard, but even a windy day or a day at the pool can make the beard appear dull and dry.

There are actually two types of products for the beard. Products to clean the beard and there are products to style the beard. Style? Yes, if you have a reasonably long beard you can model your beard with special products. Also maintain a healthy diet as vitamins for beard growth are very important.

Beard care products

This category of products is mainly intended to keep the beard clean and cleaned. You do not want to have any dirt in your beard or your beard does not smell good. The Billy Jealousy Beard Wash is actually a kind of shampoo for beards. A better-known product is perhaps beard oil . The beard oil from Damn Good Soap ensures that the beard and skin do not dry out. It also smells very fresh as if you are walking in a forest.

After you have ensured that your beard is clean and fresh, you can even go one step further: to style the beard. To give your mustache a curl with, for example, a mustache wax is somewhat familiar, but you can also model the entire beard with special products. This ensures that the beard looks less smudgy. With these products, you make sure your beard looks tight & tough in November and long after. So beard care is more than just cleaning. The eye wants something too!


So beard care is a combination of trimming and using the right products. It is just like with a nice haircut, it must first be well cut before the products give the best result. And do you have enough of your beard and do you want to get rid of it? Take a look at our blogĀ where to buy beard growth products