An increased metabolism means that your body burns many more calories. So if you have a high metabolism, you burn calories yourself when you are almost out of exercise. Poor metabolism can lead to weight gain because you get more calories than you burn.

The first thing you have to do is add a breakfast to your daily diet, many people do not like to eat breakfast but it gives a good move towards good metabolism. You only need a 250-calorie snack to help your metabolism rise in the morning. It is best to take a cereal bar or toast and fruit.

Add herbs to the food

Another way to give your metabolism a move is to add herbs to your food. After an investigation of the Agriculural Research Service in America, cinnamon has been shown to help metabolism the most.

If you are planning a diet, it is wise to add fruit such as kiwi fruit to the diet. Kiwi contain a lot of vitamin C. If you ingest about 500 mg of vitamin C you also burn 39% more fat when you exercise. But do not use too much vitamin c because if you have eaten more than 2000 mg then diarrhea can occur.

Watch what you drink

Another way to give your metabolism a move is to pay attention to what you drink. For example, if you add ice to your drink, your body needs to work harder and burn more calories. Drinking alcohol with caffeine can also cause your heart rate to increase, causing your body to burn more calories and thus increase your metabolism.

When you eat can also be very important. If you make breakfast in the morning and eat, then sit in the sun, the bright light of the sun increases your metabolism and helps strengthen your bones and muscles.

You can also take Multi-Vitamin tablets every day to ensure that your body burns more calories. If you take 120 mg daily, this will greatly increase your metabolism. Chromium in tomato and Multi vitamin tablets can also cause your burn to increase.

Smaller portions

If you really want to increase your metabolism a lot, it is wise to divide your meals into smaller portions so that you eat more often during the day. Every time you eat something it increases your metabolism. It clicks very strange but if you eat more often, jet can lead to weight loss or a healthy weight.

If your body does not get all the necessary nutrients, look for natural products that contain the substances that you are missing and add them to the meals.