You have a week to go to a big party, but your dress tightens a little too much in the wrong places. Don’t worry – it can afford it if you bite your teeth together and huddle purposefully. Personal trainer Andro Marks guides you to lose a few kilos before the week is over.

1. Powerwalk or jog every morning – and every night

To get your body to throw as much as possible, you need to exercise lots of exercise and burning exercise. High-end exercise gives a clear improvement over time, but because this week is about getting your body to lose weight fast and making you look slimmer right away, you need to exercise with low to medium intensity. If you exercise at high intensity and you are not used to it, your muscles may feel pumped and full of blood and not look leaner than when you started. Lose Weight With Best diet plan Visit –3 Week Diet Before After

This means that you need to powerwalke or jog, depending on which form you are in at the beginning. And you have to do it 1-1½ hours each morning. And 1-1½ hours every night. Yep, 2-3 hours of fitness training a day.

2. Exercise muscles every day

When you have such a short time for your mission, it’s not about increasing your oxygen uptake, but losing weight quickly. Therefore, you have to train your entire body and make many repetitions with very low weight so you sweat but not pump your muscles up. You have to push yourself, but not acid. You can easily use your normal exercise program, just turn down the weight. You have to do it every day all week.

3. Drink only water

… and ok, also a little herbal tea, but nothing with calories in. Remember to drink plenty of water between meals so you get fed up with no calories.

4. Sleep at least 8 hours each night

When you want to slim down, it is important that you sleep a lot. That is, at least eight hours. You physically regenerate when you sleep. In addition, sleep helps you not accumulate fluid in the body. A well rested body does not bind fluid in the same way as a tired body, and besides that you do not bulge out of liquid, your skin becomes more beautiful.

5. Eat Only Meat and Vegetables

Your diet this week should consist mostly of meat and vegetables – and nothing else. That is to say, you must not get any dressing (not even the healthy oil / vinegar dressing). Each meal should consist of 100 grams of white meat – white fish, e.g. cod, chicken or turkey – and vegetables in a quantity that fills 1-2 times as much on the plate as the meat. The vegetables may very well be steamed, as it is easier for your stomach to break down.